The Womanizing Male on our TV

For the last few years we have seen a gradual shift in the media and the goings on of the average male.  Now I am not the most up to date on celebrity gossip, however I know that we are living in a world where cheating men make headlines.  And the frequency is ever increasing, we as a society are fascinated by these womanizers.  There is rarely a day when we do not hear of the mistresses of Tiger Woods, or the child of Arnold and his housekeeper.  These men are socially tried and convicted in the eyes of the populous.  It is portrayed as scandalous, shameful, and we tisk about how they could do that to their families, etc.

On the other hand, isn’t it interesting how a womanizer on TV in this fictional world is glorified?  For example, Mad Men, Californication and Nip/Tuck are a few series where the men are complete users of woman, yet loved by almost all?  This dichotomy of the real and fictional male and our reactions to them.  The real life politician cheating on his wife, deplorable! The fictional writer who has to break up with three woman at once, hilarious.  Why is there an underlying love of the character, but the real life situation is scary?  Does the real life just hit a little too close to home?

How many relationships have not been plagued by some sort of indiscretion? Some mis-understanding or plain outright nookie on the side?  I would argue that there are almost none where this underlying human urge does not take over at one time or another.  How as a society do we bridge that gap between what happens in real life, and the sheer entertainment value of the exact same scenarios on TV.  People are not evil for being that which makes us human.  Our sexuality and desire to be attractive plays a huge role in that.

Woman love to hate the womanizer on our prime time, and hate to love the man sleeping on the couch.  The parallels are there, and they are real whether society wants to admit it or not.  But individuals need to start recognizing the similarities and learn to find peace and happiness from just living and loving the best we possibly can.

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