Just Get Laid!

This post is a bit of a follow up to my previous post.  I want to elaborate a bit about the meaning here. This previous post was really to illustrate how sex outside a relationship is mainly just sex.  That it can be just a physical attraction and nothing more if all parties are on the same page.  This time I want to get into a few more of the reasons why I feel sex really makes this world a better place.

Have you ever had boss who was just a total bag and thought, “they just need to get laid”?  Well consider the linked article here, which has now moved so suffice to say it is a standard 1 through 10 list that has been rehashed hundreds of times in different ways.  Points 1-9 are well documented throughout the medical world.  Endorphin’s are released during sex and strenuous physical activity which is a benefit to health and happiness.  Our spidey senses tingle when that person is in a crowded room, who needs that pick me up.  So we know what the lack of sex looks like, and the common consensus is that once that person gets laid that look of overworked, general bitchiness will dissipate.  So case one for sex being a good thing.

On a quick side note, please let me stress that point 10, has in no way shape or form been documented in an unbiased medical study.  I have searched and searched and there is absolutely no evidence for this claim (which I will await a reply with their citations and update with the reply).  What I have found is this article.  As well I have written before please read, “Sex at Dawn”. So lets get back to the point of this blog.

Have you ever heard this comment? “We only had sex 6 times in the last year”, or “We only have sex on special occasions”.  This sends shivers up my spine and not in a good or kinky way.  There is an almost dead look in the eyes of the speaker of these statements.  Upon hearing this the first time, I being in a monogamous relationship at the time and a bit of a prude, declared that yes indeed this is a legitimate reason to cheat.  There were a few shocked looks that I was endorsing cheating, but seriously I couldn’t comprehend going that long without sex.  Denying your partner sex is a major detriment to having a healthy relationship.  Please note that I recognize health factors that are beyond a persons control as the exception to this rule and I state this fact based on healthy, sexually able individuals only.  A friend put it very eloquently to me the other day, “its not that I can’t live with out it or anything like that but to me its the true moment it creates”.  Here here!

And finally the last point I would like to make on the subject of just get laid is the challenge.  This one hits home for me and I have to be a little careful of where this one takes me.  I am competitive, and being in an open relationship it allows for getting laid becoming a bit of a sport.  I have the comfort of knowing I have a loving bed to come home to, but this creates a bit a dichotomy in me.  I can now push myself to seduce people either out of my league or in a position that is appealing for a reason other than a partner.  The aspect of getting laid for more of a challenge is quite exhilarating being that I can really take my time and seduce.  And to be clear it is rare that the seduction does lead to full out sex, normally the challenge is enough for me.  As well with this I have a long list of rules that I will not break to ensure everyone’s safety, anonymity and emotional damage.  This can put the fun in sex for me and give a playful variety.

So the moral?  Just get laid, it makes me happy and I am sure I am not the only one 🙂

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