It’s The Little Things

Ever just wake up feeling blissfully happy?  It’s a great feeling when you just know that your path is going in the right direction.  Things line up in an almost weird sort of way.  The best part is looking over at your partner and saying how happy you are and having him agree.  Not because the two of you are reliant on each other for happiness but simply because both parties are living life the way we want to.  And it works for the immediate right now.

Having the clarity to recognize the moments of bliss and remember them through the trials and struggles really is key to being sound and whole.  The more moments that you can create each day will result in good things.  Actually great things.  I remember as a teenager my mom buying me “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”.  I read it and each day I would try out that chapter in my life.  Maybe I am alone here, but the messages just never seemed to stick.  They were never permanent and I for the longest time could not recognize why this was.  They seemed more about tiny solutions that were not broad enough to give long term solutions.

For me fixing the small puzzles in my life really keeps me motivated.  I like the small daily accomplishments, playing little mind games with myself. Things like the positive and negative comments that I wrote about recently.  Or something like smiling at the most unlikely people on the street and watching their reactions.  This book really focused on not taking seriously the little trials and tribulations of daily life, and to focus on the bigger picture.  But I am not wired that way, the bigger picture is far too cumbersome and can irritate me as I thrive little victories.  A huge war takes a lot energy and while there is a time and place, I am loving taking things a little slower these days.

So here is my question for you, what is your favourite thing about your current or most recent relationship?  What is that thing that had you waking up happy in the mornings or that feeling you have right before you go to bed that makes it worth staying, or that you miss most?

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