Sex for Thought

My previous blog certainly got some blood boiling, and perhaps it was mostly mine.  I had to bite hard not to insight an unnecessary debate and try to remain calm and open to criticism from a person whose opinions definitely differed from mine.  I try to write with an outlook of hope, in that woman should be as free sexually as men seem to be.  Or perhaps I am admittedly far too absorbed in the land of Mad Men.  Growing up I was often told that I was born in the wrong era.  Family and friends would tell me that I would have been perfectly suited towards life in the 40’s and 50’s, often because of the language I use and how I carry myself.  When I visualize myself in that time period it is often in a mixed role of Peggy Olsen and Joan Harris (Mad Men).  A blend of corporate rule breaking, and sexual fireball, making a name for myself in a man’s world.  The appeal of being a siren of character and worth has certainly fuelled many nights in my imagination.  Perhaps this statement explains a lot about my personality and character.
A few years ago my mom and I went to the ruins of Pompeii, and the tour guide showed us the whore house.  There are she’wolves painted on the walls and legend states that the women of the night would howl like wolves to attract male customers.  Does this story get anyone else’s blood going like it got mine?  Howling into the night to attract your next sexual conquest.  When I closed my eyes in that building I could almost hear the echo’s of this song from centuries ago and it was an intoxicating thought.  I am sure everyone in that building was lost in their own fantasy of the moment, and I have to hand it to my mom for being the only one brave enough to say something out loud.  She proudly stated to me that she would have been the Madame of a place like that.  For what it’s worth, if our society was not so fearful of sex I guarantee that I would be inheriting one of the most successful brothels in the world. 
I cannot be the only one who when watching all the Romanesque TV series that have been so popular these past few years, feel a strange longing for sexual freedom the likes of what was documented from our past.  I recall a scene from Spartacus Blood and Sand, where Batiatus is having a conversation with his wife while he is screwing one of his slave girls.  I found this behaviour to be hot for a variety of reasons which I will not get into here.  But more than that I would not judge anyone who found it equally disturbing.  It was a scene that elicits a gut response geared towards shock value and it shocked me through and through mainly in that I was so captivated by this scene.  
Sex in the media has shown the womanizing male, Blog, a lot as of late.  Is it some subliminal way of desensitizing woman towards a man`s supposed natural nature and tendency?  We are constantly shown images of sexually charged and in control woman, and of men who have mountains of sex for pleasure disregarding any committed females in their path.  Life seemed simpler in a time where woman could howl at the moon, or a man could have sex in front of his wife as simply as having a meal.  But truly who really wants simple anyways, it would probably be boring in the long run right?

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