Sex in the Media and Government

The other day I was in a Chapters and I was looking for my next book to read for both research for my writing as well as something enjoyable, love what you do right?  The subject matter that my blog focuses on is actually split up into 3 main sections in the bookstore; relationships, culture, self help (I cannot remember the sub-type after that) and sometimes woman studies or philosophy.  There is a section specifically for gay studies, for anime, the list goes on, but there is not a well focused section for sex and relationships.  I am not saying this is a problem; rather I am just pointing out that our focus as a whole is not about improving sexual wellness and relationships.  It is not about pushing the boundaries with regards to finding inner happiness and ultimate fulfillment.
Historically our developing societies had no qualms regarding sex, there were documented festivals where group sex was encouraged.  Our current market based society seems to place a higher value on the collective relationships with money than those of our sexual needs.  Social programs are being cut in an alarming rate in the states to prevent safe and responsible sexual health and activity by threatening to ban the pill.  I am just having a hell of a time wrapping my mind around all the fear that is instilled in us and putting up walls to prevent sexual awareness.  Admittedly the hippie movement was not the way to move forward in sexual awareness and I am in no way abdicating that sort of collective activity.  I think individuals are far more ingenious as individuals rather than stoned masses.  But honestly I see so many ill informed teenagers asking almost ridiculous questions about sex that I am fearful for what lays around the corner for us.  And where are the young to turn if the government will not allow access to birth control or contraception? 
Here is an urban legend article, Snopesregarding a couple who didn’t know that lack of sex was the determining factor for not getting pregnant.  Admittedly I have seen this article pop up a couple times in the last 10 years, but my reaction to the most recent one written really got my attention.  I can’t find the source right now, but it elaborated that the couple were both Asian engineers and had never been taught that sex lead to babies.  Instead they were quoted as saying they both were so focused on their education and careers that they took the literal meaning of sleeping in bed together to be the cause and effect that would lead to conception.  Some of you are probably laughing at the absurdity of that.  My rational sensibilities tell me that there is no way that society or government would ever let their control over sex get to that point.  No government would ever allow the Demolition Man fantasy of virtual intercourse to become the norm.  However why they are making any steps towards that direction at all makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. 
Teenagers should not fear sex.  They should be well educated, and provided the necessary tools to experiment safely.  Government should not interfere with this, rather education should be the responsibility of the family unit, as well as the schools (peer discussion regarding sex is crucial).  I do not necessarily think that there should be an increase in sexual discussion in the media, but there most definitely needs to be a movement from the government, especially in the USA to butt out.  In Canada we are even feeling the trickle down effects when an article came out recently that there was a bill to revisit the abortion issue.  Stephen Harper did squash this re-opening of the debate, however I think the damage was done for many of us.  Do we now have a real fear that Canadians could soon be facing the same tough debates that the states are?  No thank you.  The nullifying of Same Sex marriages was a political disaster and hopefully a strong lesson that our sexual and relationship rights should be left to individuals to make.    
Book stores do not need to have a section specifically for sexual health and well being, unless of course the governments try and step in and add a level of control or increased taboo towards it.  I wouldn’t complain of course if they did, but all in good time.  

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