Sex Toys – My PSA

Hi All,
I was listening to Dan Savage last night and he was interviewing a lady who runs Smitten Kitten.  They had a discussion on safe sex toys and I realized that almost none of mine are scent free and therefore may very well be leaching out toxins.  As I have changed my diet to include label reading, ensuring that I am digesting as many un-chemically altered or preservative enriched foods as possible I feel that my sex toys deserve the same due diligence.  For a full video on this, please watch Video. 
So please join me in sniffing my toys prior to purchasing, or looking for silicon only when purchasing plastic toys.  PVC is incredibly dangerous as the chemical additive used to make it malleable leaches out of the toy and is the horrible scent that is given off upon sniffing it.  So to keep this little PSA short and sweet, throw out any sex toy that is unsafe and has a scent to it.  Safe sex is a big part of being Sex positive.

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