Happy One Year of Blogging to Me

On July 31, 2011 I made the decision to start blogging, and a few days later in August I pressed the share button and allowed my Facebook friends to see my writing.  Within a month of that I sent out my first e-mail to explain to a few members of my family and friends why I was writing and to ask for support.  I have been following some amazing blogs, which you can view by clicking on my profile, and have received some pretty consistent support from the online community.  Not only and am I celebrating one year of writing, over 60’000 words typed, and over 100 posts, but I am also celebrating 20`000 page views which leaves me in awe.  I have had comments, e-mails and Facebook messages which have given me a wave of emotion, mostly reactionary tears (in the most heartfelt way). 
All in all it has been an incredible year starting on an incredible low in trying to find where I fit in, and exploring outside of the box.  I have read some pretty meaningful books, and had some great one on one, conversations with people in my life about the agreement that monogamy just does not feel as natural as western society has lead the majority of us to believe. 
But here is what you the readers have said, Blank blog was the most controversial as shown by over 20 comments.  And so far the most popular has been Saying No Can Be Difficult as a Woman, with Sex Positive and Safe Sex a very close second.  I am starting to show up more in keyword searches online and not always for known reasons.  For example, “bubble bath in a lightning storm”, and more recently “best boobs of stampede”.  All in all though I look forward to another amazing year of writing and I am so happy to be able share my blogs first birthday with such an incredible fan base.

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