Dear Random Penis…

The Dreaded Online Dating Dick Pic

Ok, mom, this is probably one of those blogs that you may not want to read.  This is a pre-warning that this one could get a little graphic at times and you may not want to continue but there is a point to be made and it is not intended to be randomly sexual.


I wrote about how I love boobs.  And I think it is fair to give my real love a little attention now too, I love me some dick.  I do, there I said it, I really adore a good man’s penis.  Unfortunately for me it seems that men may not quite understand why that is.  Yesterday, for the second time in very recent history, some strange man sent me a picture of his erect penis.  I thought the first time was an isolated incident but low and behold I received another one.  Now here is my issue with this, receiving a photo of some strange man’s penis, whom I have never met is going to do absolutely nothing for me.  In fact, it actually is about as enticing as sending me a picture of your armpit.  A dick is merely a dick, if it is an unknown dick.


Let me try to explain in as mild a manor as possibly can.  I, like most of my female gender am not overly visual.  I have a few cues here and there, but I am much more scent, fantasy, and memory oriented.  A cock is just a cock without something else to it, some action, some fantasy, and more to the point some memory.  When I receive pictures of men’s junk that I have had an intimate encounter with, it is an entirely different ball game.  I can relate that cock to a memory, to a sensation and most importantly an orgasm.  The penis is now transformed from a mere appendage to something much more substantial, it is transformed into something that can make me smile.  There is now a role or a part to play in my conscious mind and I can reach a lot of pleasure from that.


Of all the ladies I have talked to, they all agree the idea of receiving a photo of some random guys genitals is borderline revolting.  And yes I get that, I love LOVE a great looking dick, if and only if that great looking dick has done more than just stood there alone.  I think that is part of the reason why I enjoy male on male porn so much.  These men are enjoying their cocks and it shows in their body language and their faces.  It much more sexually represents the sensations and feelings associated with that very vital instrument.  It is much easier to view and watch the pleasure and fantasy associated with that sort of sexual role.  There is a sensuality rather than just the tits and ass show.


Every fantasy out there is individual and if you are one of those rare woman who enjoys receiving photos of some random penis then good on you.  I wish never to receive a picture of any man’s dick with whom I have absolutely no frame of reference and I say that with the utmost reverence for that amazing unit that has brought me so much pleasure over the years.

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9 thoughts on “Dear Random Penis…”

  1. This seems so obvious, when I see the random cock shots on reddit I just wtf all over the place.

    Do men really think this is the only part of themselves worth showing? I suppose they are just too scared to go further, less anonymous. It's sad to see so many be so inept at sexual communication.

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