Cheating Women, I Know You Can Hear Me

Dear cheating women of the world, you are giving us nice amazing women who are trying to having open relationships a really bad name.  Cheating is not the same things as being open, and it certainly is not something that you pull out at the last minute to save your lying little tushies.  If you are cheating on your partner because you are not happy, want a little adventure, or are just plain trying to see if something is better out there that is one thing.  It is your own choice, and you are beyond free to make it, and of course hurt both your partner and future partners in the process (yes everyone gets hurt).  What I have a major issue is with you turning around and saying that you were in an open relationship the whole time.  Open means being honest with your current partner and your flavors on the side.  This pre-emptively sets the stage for an open dialogue if feelings present themselves or if you decide to have the parties meet for some sexy fun time or whatever.  The point being is that every person you encounter is a person with thoughts, feelings and a right to choose how they want to be treated and get treated in return.  If they do not have full or at least reasonable disclosure they unknowingly are in a position to get hurt.
The older I get, the more men I run into with whom have broken hearts and are rougher around the edges for it.  I have a sneaking suspicion that many more woman cheat than would like to admit.  And let us face it, the female gender are largely conditioned in the art of deception, screened by the soothing sounds of seduction.  I will admit that in my experience me being brutally honest is refreshing and its own form of seduction, so by all means you are making me look better in the process.  But of course I do jest here a bit, in order to try and see a bit of humor, but I am angry at the broken hearts that are left in the wake of cheating. 
I believe in open relationships, but I do not use this as an excuse for one night stands.  And yes this absolutely limits my options at times for additional partners, but I believe in ethically dating.  If someone wants a monogamous relationship with kids, a white picket fence, and me to be a stay at home mom then better to know that right from the start than allow any sort of fantasy to progress.  That lifestyle will not make me happy long term.  I have known that about myself for years, and I started writing this blog to really help me come to terms and clarity about why that is.  So please do a little soul searching before you cheat.  It is ok to end things, go on a break, or to sit down and give your partner an opportunity to change his behaviour to make you happy, it is not ok to cheat.

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