Ladies Just STOP It!

 Why do woman think that our job in the bedroom is to please our men?  When did this happen, and why did this happen?  Is it because men are more vocal about their sexual needs and tell us this is the case?  Is it because woman display more insecurities for a longer period of time then men?  Is it perhaps that physiologically woman are more complex to get to orgasm then men?  Honestly, I do not care the answer to any of these questions, instead I just want woman to start vocalizing what they want and do not want when it comes to sex.
Our potential combination of three holes do not exist for the sole purpose of getting your man off.  Quite the opposite in fact, they are our holes and the pleasure we derive is for us.  I heard a lady yesterday talking about how long it took her to get her boyfriend to cum, and by the time he finished she realized that she did not cum once, but was happy that he was happy.  Blech!  That is not how this is supposed to work.  Woman should get their orgasms when they want their orgasms, and should not put the needs of their partner above their own.  We should not sacrifice our sexual pleasure just to please our male counterparts.  Of course some days I just do not feel like having an orgasm, (when I am getting a migraine it can trigger it to be much worse), but that is my choice and not my partners.  I would never put my pleasure on the back burner so my guy could get off.  Would a woman ever hear her guy say, “oh sweetheart, it’s not that important that I get off, let’s just put all our focus onto you tonight”.  Ok, to be fair I do know of a few men who say that regularly and you are gems!  Freaking amazing gems!
All too often I hear about woman faking orgasms, or not even being asked if they came or not by their partners.  It just should not be that way in my humble opinion.  Every person’s wants and needs should be on equal footing and the GGG of a relationship is dependent on this.  As an aside to this, ladies, it is ok to ask for something and then decide that you did not really enjoy it.  Our sexual wants and needs change, and so if we do not speak up there is a lot of added pressure to get it right when we do.  It is just not the case.  Sometimes fantasies are better in our imagination but not trying and asking?  That’s the real crime.  If you do not explore or expand your horizons there is a world of things you may miss out on.  And sometimes you find out that it is left for the pros.  But at least you have something you can laugh about with your partner.

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