Why Do I Write About Myself and Sex

I truly believe that we live in a sex negative world and this is a direct result of poor sex education by both parents and teachers of all sorts.  I look fondly back at the opportunities that I was afforded with my sex educational past.  I was lucky enough to have a sex positive mother, and only as an adult am I finding out that I have sex positive grandparents (which I am thankful for finding out as an adult and not a child).  And although I went through the Catholic education system, I always lucked out with incredibly open minded individuals who recognized the necessity to provide their students with honest and open dialogue about sex and contraceptives. 
So I recognize that many out there have not been quite so fortunate with opportunities to ask questions, and have enough educational opportunities where sex was not a big scary thing to be feared or hidden.  In recognizing these differences I realize how important it is for me to share my sexual and relationship journey publicly.  I feel that there are so many questions and issues that I run into on a daily basis, that I can only imagine what my brain would feel like having to suppress or feel guilt for even having those thoughts.
Knowing that a few of my facebook friends are squeamish in reading my posts and would prefer just not clicking and reading along is a choice that I absolutely respect.  But I also know that every so often I get that e-mail that brings me to tears in that I have made a connection with a perfect stranger because I am writing about a subject that they can connect with on some level.  I have been toying with the idea of perhaps changing the format of what I write about to be more generalized and perhaps even to use fictitious characters so that I may write about a few subjects that I do not feel comfortable publicizing.  I have written a few posts this week in this nature, and when I reflected on them I just did not feel that they did my blog any justice.  I write about myself because my honest nature allows me a opportunity to share things that I do not feel a lot of people feel comfortable sharing but have curiosity or questions about. 
This is my sexual and relationship journey and although it may squick a few of you out, I can do nothing but be sincere in my failures and triumphs when it comes to dealing with those around me.  And the biggest thing is that writing about sex is important.  It promotes sex positivism with increased education, increase communication and an added bonus of better sexual relationships and communication with our partners.  What it boils down to, upon reflection, I am proud of what I write and how I write it, and although I was tempted to reformat and increase readership that way, at the end of the day it means more to me to look back upon my writing with personal pride than just increasing traffic for the masses.
So happy holidays to all, and I will be back with more stories and tales for the new year.  

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