Nope to Romantic Comedies

I hate romantic comedies.  More to the point, I hate how I feel while watching them, and the empty horrible feeling when they are over.  I am very imaginative and a dreamer by nature so one of the things I love most about movies is just shutting off my brain and getting lost in the fantasy world that is created on the screen.  I get swept up in the music, the action, the dialogue, everything about a good movie, and the occasional bad movie makes me really happy.  With the exception of the so called Rom-com’s that is.  I find these movies almost painful to get lost in because everyone looks so damn happy on screen finding that one perfect someone to get lost with.  The journey of little surprises, followed by a huge fight whereby both people learn they can never be apart, followed by the big romantic gesture where in they live happily ever after.
I watch these movies and almost without fail I either cry, or I get angry.  Angry that this romantic ploy still generates revenue and lets little girls believe this fantasy, and angry that I constantly fall in love with men who will not settle down.  Angry that adventure drives me, and men with goals, hopes and dreams make me happy.  And of course the down side that the men I fall in love with are selfish about meeting their needs, just as I am selfish about meeting my needs which is almost always a great thing.  Except as I said when I feel vulnerable after watching one of these stupid movies.  I would not love the idea of happy ever after, but these movies go through a very concise checklist; do you have breasts? Check! Do you get your period?  Check! Do you sometimes act irrationally and emotional? Check! Well then baby you are a normal woman and you deserve to be swept off your feet as there is some guy out there equally as damaged and crazy as you are who will compliment your every flaw perfectly.
In my mind romantic comedies are a cruel trick on my psyche.  They perpetuate false hopes and then make me feel a guilty empty feeling because this is not happening in my life, and if it was I would probably dump the guy for being a dreamer and not a doer.  I just cannot see my way into getting lost in emotions.  It has never once helped me getting lost there, and I always need someone to help guide me out when I am overwhelmed by emotion so I cannot even fathom how woman can possibly watch these movies when they are single.  I have asked a few of my female friends why they enjoy these movies and the answer is always the same, they enjoy the emotional ride, the laughs, tears and happy endings make them feel really good.  So clearly I am broken because I always feel really, really terrible after watching these films.  So back to my avoidance strategy of avoiding things that make me sad, and seeking out only the things that give me joy and happiness.

4 thoughts on “Nope to Romantic Comedies”

  1. "Rom Coms" are created for entertainment purpose. I mean personally I would not pay to watch a movie about a girl who dates a guy and gets her heart broken over and over again. It would be boring.

    Whats wrong with a little dream?

    Why is it so bad for people to dream there is a Mr or Mrs Rigt that perfectly accents them as a person.

    My dream is a reality and my significant other is movie perfect for me.

    And I know that I am not alone either. Many people have their perfect significant others just like the ones in the romantic comedies. That swept them off their feet if you will.

    I am not trying to sound rude I am just merely saying: Maybe you need to take a look at you and realise maybe your going after the wrong men and you too could have that reality of a guy loving you for you and being perfect for you and living happily ever after.

  2. I would not handle being swept off my feet very well as I think a relationship needs so much more than one big romantic gesture. I don't think I am going after the wrong men, I am going after the men that excite me. My issue is in watching these types of movies and being left with a feeling that there must be something wrong with me because I do not want that fantasy portrayed. And quite simply they offer no entertainment value because of that.

    I am so happy though for you that you have found your movie perfect, it's not a dream I seek but I have a slight envy of your situation 🙂

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