No Touchies: Our First Swing Club Part II

For anyone who missed part I last week, please follow this link, for the rest, please enjoy the conclusion to our first swing club adventure.

In the main play place, which we passed on route to the couples only area, I glimpsed a pair of legs spread wide open and bare on an upper level.  It was the first time I had seen live sex, and it was dark and silhouetted.  There were no sounds, just a few flashing bare legs reaching up from the bed she was laying on.  I was questioning if I would be comfortable having sex in such a public setting at this point, and I started to get visibly nervous.  E took my hand, and lead us to a more intimate place, a place where only the two of us were for a few moments, through the low lighting and down a small hallway.  And wow! What a kiss awaited me.  

When is the last time you made out with a person in public?  Have you ever just been overcome with the urge to passionately kiss someone that you forgot for a moment that PDA is discouraged in society?  Seeing someone hot, letting go, and just allowing yourself to get lost in the moment?  That hot kiss, full on with groping and grinding?  Now imagine that this behaviour is encouraged.  That you are in a place full of people who share your passion and energy and get off on being open and public.  It feels like a mindfuck looking back, and yet, in that space you are just one with those intense feelings.  You begin to hear neighboring moaning.  You see glimpses of bare legs, you hear those familiar rocking sounds and you get swept up.  You lose yourself and forget that this behaviour is taboo.  Sex in public is bad!  PDA is gross.  Moaning in public is quite forbidden.  In this place, though the rules are flipped upside down.  People are overcome with the urge to touch a strange body, to watch live, that most intimate of expressions saved for the bedroom alone. 

This was real, that passionate kiss from E, that both calmed me and excited me, shared in a swingers club.  That public make out session that made me feel safe and secure enough to be lead towards a cubby where we would soon undress each other.  It was here that we had our first opportunity to be intimate with another couple.  Even if it was from an emotional level only. This couple had come in quite late, and seemed to be as nervous as we were.  E and I were making out on the staircase blocking the only entrance to the upper couples play area.  There were a few giggles and glances towards each other as we moved into our cubby and continued to play with each other.  E mentioned that he could see this couple get into the spot beside us, and just like that our brief moment alone was replaced by couples who had now successfully negotiated their swinging terms and were about to have their own adventures right above us.  You could see a glimpse of other couples through the mirrors up above us, and beside us on the staircase.  In total that night I think there were 4 or so couples in the play area.  It lead to a very intimate feeling, with just the right amounting of moaning and rustling of sheets to not be overwhelming.

We were a part of a bunch of people actually having sex in public.  We got caught up in the moment, that hot, hot moment and time actually flew by.  It wasn’t until a bouncer walked down the hallway saying last call that we even had a clue of the hour.  We were completely absorbed in our surroundings and each other.  E saw a few couples watching us as they had sex, and for my part, I don’t remember even opening my eyes.  I was just lost, trying to hold onto the moment and the intensity.  That red glow from outside our little cubby where we remained for a solid couple of hours was our play place.  An intimacy which others could share both visually and audibly.  So hot to look back upon.   
It was nearly 2 in the morning when the lights came on and we finally emerged.  And what a memory! Being that first couple in and the last couple out!  I wondered what it would be like to see other spent couples in the light, and honestly it felt pretty natural.  We washed up, got dressed, and said goodbye to a few people as we walked to our car.  We were sore, and glowing, and we had made the most of our opportunity at this club.  

The night really brought us right back to where we want to be, dating another couple, and enjoying all these new adventures together.  Swinging takes a lot of communication, and a shared knowledge of the needs of you, your partner and the other people you want to swap with.  As we found out, it is more of an interview process with a new couple and then a few compatibility tests, followed by the swap.  The cycle repeats each evening that play is needed or wanted.  It is a version of spice that was so interesting to get involved in, if only from the sidelines, or with limited participation.  For myself, I want a more intimate connection with more than one person that will go beyond a club setting.  But as far as any public sex I have had, this evening blew it out of the water.  I was safe to love my partner, and be as intimate as I wanted.  There was no rushing to finish or fear of getting caught.  It was a real rush.  And although we both feel that that particular club is not one we would go back to.  The idea of exploring different clubs is still very exciting.  It may very well be our new travel activity… maybe.

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