Self Pleasure Challenge

Aka My First Giveaway!

Self Pleasure Challenge

As 2019 comes to an end, I have come to value and understand the importance of self care, and the exploration of pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Self care is amazing for my mental health, and pushing my limits brings adventure and meaning to my life. With that in mind, I wanted to find a fun way to share these life lessons, that of course I learned the hard way, with all of you. So I came up with a concept of the self pleasure challenge/giveaway with my incredible sponsor Betty’s Toy Box.

The rules are simple:

  1. Purchase a new item for self pleasure.  It doesn’t have to be through Betty’s Toy Box, but if you do, I can save you a little money and you support this blog (just type BreakingAway at checkout)
  2. Write down 2 or 3 words that best describe why you chose that toy or self pleasure product
  3. Take a picture of it in the box to share with me via Twitter (DM’s and private messages are open if you are not comfortable sharing publicly), or via Patreon
  4. Then Boom! I will enter your name into a draw to take place 6 weeks from now (January 28th, 2020), and you can win an actual item from Betty’s Toy Box (see dildo pictured above)!

This contest is designed so we can have some fun, try something new, and start 2020 on the best note possible. I will be sharing what I have learned and the exploration of my new toy (as pictured above) and I hope you do the same with me! Being sex positive is about more than just being comfortable talking about sex. It’s about sharing all the diverse ways that we can find pleasure and joy in our daily lives! So, are you up for the challenge?

Looking for an extra chance to win? All Patreon subscribers are automatically given one bonus entry, and of course the behind the scenes photos! So enjoy!

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