My Bra Quest

Sports Bra and a Beer

Firstly, this post is in no way sponsored (but I mean maybe someday a revolutionary bra company will see this, and want to help the fun bags out?).  Secondly, this is a theme I will come back to over the coming weeks/months because I love research/product testing, and the journey is just beginning.  Third, if you are a person who is simply interested in what’s under the bra (and who can really blame you, check out my Patreon page).  Phew, now that I have gotten than of my chest, let me begin at the beginning of my bra quest with a little about me.

The Facts!

I hate bras.  I am a 34 D for about two weeks of my cycle, then I jump up to a 34 DD/E.  I am active, stretch almost every morning, and can lift a fair amount of weight (my part time gig has me moving full kegs of beer from time to time).  The translation here is that I have a strong core and I aim to strengthen that even further when the weather warms up and I can get back outside and biking.  So, with trying to do everything right, after a few hours on my feet, wearing the most comfortable bra I can find, my back burns, my shoulders hurt, and I want nothing more than to burn that restrictive device to the ground.

You should also know, that I have been professionally measured a few times for my correct bra size.  And I am confident I have purchased the correct fitting bra.  And although they are extraordinarily expensive, I do have bras for the different times in my cycle to account for size fluctuation, and my different activity levels.

Why Even Bother Wearing a Bra?

As much as I would love to just proudly say, to hell with all bras, I am a liberated, sex positive, bra free female, it just isn’t always practical.  When I am at home, socializing with my friends, or just doing low key activities, going without a bra is fine.  But, for work, physical activity, or just going out for a night on the town, wearing a bra is a necessary evil.  And thus, this post/series of posts is born.


The goal, quite simply is to find an over the shoulder boulder holder that makes my breasts look great, minimizes nipple showing, and holds the girls comfortably in place without back/neck/shoulder pain or a hot burning sensation in my upper back.  My current go to, is a t-shirt material underwire bra, that is seamless, fits excellent, makes my breast look fabulous, but needs to be burnt after about 3 hours on my feet… Ugh!

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Attempt 1 – Built in Bras

My first crack at this, was to wear clothing with built in bras.  While, this has been effective, these types of shirts and dresses are very expensive.  And there are always issues with me and fit.  Having a size 2/4 frame and large breasts means that they “pop out” of the sides, tops, and are always in motion. Or that they look flat, and get sweaty. So, the cons are cost, looks, and functionality. 

Attempt 2 – Layers

I don’t know why I thought this would be effective long term, but I figured I would try.  In the winter, I have been OK wearing a few layers to minimize motion, cover the nipples, and eliminate pain.  However, this does not make the breasts look their greatest, and it is completely unworkable when the weather warms up.  So, it was a seasonal solution that leaves my wish list unfulfilled.

Attempt 3 – Sports Bras

I finally found one (pictured her) that is amazing for physical activity.  However it is a two part system, has visible zipper lines, and is definitely function over fashion.  Also, even with the wicking material, I have to un zip the front to let air flow in after every bike ride or hike.  And at $129.00 per pair, there is a major cost barrier, and thus the hunt for an everyday solution continues merrily along.

So please stay tuned… for what I attempt next.

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