Breaking Away from Monogamy Check-In


I have a bunch of blog posts, articles, pictures, and projects on the verge of being shared, but before I do that, I want to ask one thing: How are you doing?

For me, it has been 6 weeks of my partner and I against the world.  We alternate going grocery shopping every 10 days or so, and go out to pick up a new keg of beer every two weeks.  The sunshine has been shining for the last 2 days which as certainly helped, but let me be completely honest, I now have days in a row where I do nothing.  I love my projects, and my writing grounds me, but for one reason or another, I just do nothing!  Many days I feel just like I am in a state of limbo.  That’s me, now, how are you doing? Feel free to answer in the comments, social media, or even share a post you have written about your current state of mind.

Check-In’s are important.  At the end of this isolation, having a strong network of support will make shifting out easier.  We had no say as to when the distancing would begin, and that can be incredibly challenging for many of us.  Being told what to do is not an easy thing.  We are adults after all, with autonomy, and yet, here we all sit choosing the collective good of society, rather than our own selfish needs. And that needs to be acknowledged and celebrated.  I thank each and everyone of you who are doing your part to distance, and minimize contact with your fellow humans.  Again though, this is not easy, so, how are you doing? (Affiliate link that supports this blog!)

If you are not Ok, please comment.  Reach out!  Let us all help each other get through this. Alternatively, if there is something that you are doing that is working really well, could you please share?  Maybe something as simple as smiling at yourself in the mirror, or taking 5 minutes to stretch your whole body helps.  Wherever you are with this check in, let us work together by helping, or sharing.  The whole social media community has a real opportunity to prove its real value in our society.  So, let us pause, reflect, and use the tools we have on hand.

Today, I am doing OK.  How are you?

6 thoughts on “Breaking Away from Monogamy Check-In”

  1. Holding up as muchas we can.
    Had a scare with our daughter regarding a friend she saw. Her family and her friend shit themselves off in early/mid March and it was COVID-19. We were worried, at first, but the good news is they are at the stage of just having the antibodies but are no longer transmitting the virus.

    We are fortunately in a state where our state government was on top of it from the beginning. Low death rate, but will need testing.

    So we’re all okay.

    We are keeping informed, keeping watch over each other, and are hoping when this is all over, and when we are passed this pandemic, I want to get a good number of people to have an orgy!!

    1. Hahaha! I don’t think you will have any troubles finding willing participants for that post pandemic orgy!

  2. Doing okay today! I had a pretty productive writing day and hoping to keep this going after a few days rest. It’s all about finding that rhythm … there’s a lot of diving deep into some tough emotions and then coming out feeling a little lighter for it.

    1. I love that visual of finding the rhythm. I may try and adapt that sentiment into my routine when I feel the ebb and flow of emotions. Thank you for sharing!

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