Coaching Services

After exploring non-monogamy for nearly a decade, making almost every mistake in the book, and of course blogging about it, I am now offering my one on one expertise.  So if non-monogamy is something that you wish to explore, or if you have dabbled and now need a little guidance I would be happy to hear from you and set up an initial consultation.  My focus is on communication between spouse and new partners, ethical non-monogamy and of course confidence building for both singles and couples alike.

I have done extensive research in the areas of both monogamy, and non monogamy so I am well versed in a wide spectrum of relationship norms and I do not believe any one form is better than another. I do believe that every relationship is unique and should be approached as such. As there is no universal law to relationship building or coaching I work with my clients, to help you define your unique wants, and needs.  I love the variation of relationships and I aim to help you find your voice just as I have found mine.

After more than 8 years dating, across the relationship spectrum, I have a strong resume that has assisted many people find passion in their relationships with themselves and others. Helping people find their own happiness, and assisting them to put their best foot forward when meeting new people is always the goal. I love when people succeed in life and relationships, and with a little bit of coaching you can be one of my many success stories.

Each person is unique, as is each relationship, so let me help you get the relationship you deserve!


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