Our Second New Years Takeover – Part II

The Sexy Side of Finally Doing a Takeover Right!

Fancy as Fuck

Thank you all for reading part I!  And now for what you all have been waiting for, a few sexy highlights from our hotel takeover New Years Eve adventures! With three nights there, it is difficult to list everything that happened, but let me share the moments that make me the most eager to go back.

One of the clearest memories that I have is riding the elevator down to the first meet and greet, and allowing my eyes, and ears to take in the magnitude of where we were.  To our left was a live DJ, and in the room before us, were a bunch of like-minded people, sipping cocktails, munching on appetizers, and just acting cool as cucumbers.  It was what you would imagine any meet and greet would be on the surface, people just there to socialize, and make new connections.  But then, this ethereal feeling takes hold, and you realize that you are sharing a hotel, that is filled to the brim with sex positive people, and the possibilities that being there holds.  A huge smile appeared on my face in that moment, and my partner and I held hands as we sauntered up to the bar and began the first of our introductions.  It’s a memory that will live with me for a long time.

The second memory that stands out is when I was told my boobs were so perfect that they looked fake.  Here I was, playing a version of strip poker, lying topless on the bed, with 3 other couples and one of the guys across couldn’t stop staring at my breasts.  After he asked if they were fake, the whole room starting talking about breasts, and comparing each other’s in the most sex positive, and supporting way I have ever experienced first hand.  All the partners clearly loved their women, and it showed by how they proudly displayed their favorite tits, and the women all giggled appreciatively for the attention and praise.  Such a beautiful moment, filled with magnificent breasts!  And holy crap did that ever lead to some sexy fantasies later that night as I embark on my bi curious exploration.

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For the third memory, I asked my partner what stood out most in his mind.  And of course, in true me fashion I asked when we were sipping beer at a local craft brewery, and did not write his words down exactly.  So, I hope he forgives me if I don’t type it as eloquently as he remembers.  On new years eve, the version of strip poker required that a truth or dare element be the penalty if you found yourself naked.  My partner got to choose the dare for a beautiful and sexy woman who was laying naked on the bed across from us.  He dared her to give her husband a blow job, and she delightedly got on all fours (butt high in the air, facing my partner and I) and began to suck and stroke his cock.  She took her duty seriously and after about 10 minutes, the couple beside her told her she could stop so we could resume the game.  She gave a delightful pout, licked his cock a few more times, and then bounced right back into card game mode. It was spectacular!

As a special bonus and conclusion memory, my partner and I agreed that one of our shared highlights was on New Years Day, with just the two of us.  I was standing naked on our balcony, on this beautiful and very sunny start to 2020, when my partner came up behind me, and started fucking me from behind. With the view of pool to our left, and our 10th floor landscape before us, he brought me to orgasm more than a few times.  As he was ready to cum, he bent me over the railing and shot a full and glistening load all over my back.  It was so incredibly hot!  The exhibitionism of that moment, the sunshine all over our naked bodies, and the knee buckling orgasms… it is almost too much to type even days later. 

So, with my 2020 kicking off with the most incredible orgasms, I am refueled, and ready to tackle what I hope will be an amazing year.  Cheers to all of you for the love and support, retweets, questions, and of course an extra thank you to those who check out my Patreon from time to time.  May the good vibes flow free this year, and I look forward to continuing this sex positive adventure with you all!

Our Second New Years Takeover – Part I

How To Do a New Years Takeover Right!

Hotel Takeover Poolside

Last year my partner and I attended our first lifestyle hotel takeover and we made a tonne of mistakes (which you can read here).  This year, I am very happy to report, we proved to be quick learners! For those who may not know, a hotel takeover is a lifestyle event where, for a pre-determined amount of time, the doors are closed to the public, and guests are able to let their hair down, so to speak in a sexy, secluded, and of course a very fun filled way.  The event organizers usually have meet and greet opportunities, minglers, parties, and rooms booked for the sexy after parties.  As it is at a hotel, guests have their own rooms right there, and I don’t have to explain why that is so amazing.  While following the rules of the lifestyle are a must, the organizers highlight the importance of respecting the staff as well, and not put them into situations that they did not consent too.  No orgies in the hallways, don’t get it on in staffed areas (unless specifically play approved), and just basically have a little common sense in the pool area, gym, public spaces etc.  With all that out of the way, it is everything you could hope for, a huge gathering of people (this one had just about 1000) who have one thing in common, loving sex.

So, let me share a few tips and tricks that made our adventure so wonderful, and hopefully will set you up for success too.  And, as a little bonus the following post will include a few sexy highlights from our 3 day adventure!


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Book Early

With an early booking you can ensure you have the bed size that you choose, have lots of time to come up with a PG plan to share with your vanilla friends, and of course you can schedule yourself as well.  The added bonus is that many takeovers offer discounts the earlier you book! 

Plan on Attending the Entire Event

While situations may vary, (babysitters, logistics in general, finances, etc) the thing that ensured we made this adventure the best it could be, was due to the fact that we were able to attend everything.  The more time you have to invest in mingling with other people, the greater your likelihood of finding what you are looking for.  Also, the events are a lot of fun!  Even if you only are able to make a small chunk of the meet and greets, parties, etc, it is well worth your time to attend as much as you can.

Bring Your Own Booze and Food

This was one of the first things we realized we were short on during our last adventure.  Not only will this save you money, but it is also a great way to invite people back up to your room.  Being the desirable place to be will dramatically increase your chances of making the night your own.  Plus, if you have your setup in your room, you can easily refuel on your terms, rather than having to be on anyone else’ schedule or to go offsite each time you are hungry.  One thing we did not check first was if there was a continental breakfast included with the room, and this was a huge mistake on our part.  Do your research about all the hotel amenities so you can be prepared.  Your focus should be on the meeting of new people, and not stressing about food, and drink.

Dress Up for Every Event

LED lights!

One of the key things that attracted us to this lifestyle was the costumes and dressing up.  Not only do we love showing off, but as an added bonus, following the themes in our unique way is a great ice breaker.  The other thing we discovered this year, is with so many people in one event, finding ways to stand out and be remembered increases your chances for success.  Introverts and extroverts alike can use this simple tool the event organizers give you to rock it.  And don’t worry about spending a lot of money.  We bought nothing additional for this trip aside from Christmas lights ($1.5 and batteries $2.50).  Use what you have and make it your own!

And if you are not able to follow the theme, make sure to smile and be friendly!  Watch your body language.  Be approachable, don’t cross those arms, and just have fun.  A few deep breaths go a long way to shake off the initial jitters.

In Summary

Take advantage of every opportunity you can to meet people.  Be friendly, participate, and remember to always ask first, and say no whenever you are unsure.  If you are looking for more specific lifestyle “how to’s” please check out my articles on Medium. Stay tuned for part ii… the sexy adventures.  If you want a sneak peak at some of the behind the scenes photos, check out my Patreon!