My “Backup” Bullet [Toy Review Inside]

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Pillow Talk Flirty Bullet

When I first started using vibrators, many moons ago, they required AA batteries.  Thus, battery life became more of a joke than anything.  If the remote control suddenly felt lighter and mysteriously no longer worked, you could bet with certainty that I had “borrowed” them for a quick little fix.  The ongoing quest for double A’s was real!  But because everything in our household required a AA there was never a reason to have more than one toy, or at least for me and my very tight budget.

But, like everything, we wanted safer, waterproof, sleeker, shapes, sizes, and basically all the innovation available to us with our toys.  As a result, we were blessed with integrated batteries, that required a plugin to charge.  Now this, has created a whole new problem in the world of masturbation.  For you see, if your charge runs out, before you have finished the job, you cannot just scour up new batteries and finish.  Oh no, you now have to stop, and recharge the little beastie, in order to finish.  Sure, you could use your hands, but when you need a quick stress relief, I for one implicitly trust the buzzing device to wham, bam, thank you ma’am over my less than accurate fingers.

So, this is where my backup bullet AKA Pillow Talk Flirty Bullet comes into play. It is a remarkably powerful handheld device that is a consistent finisher. It charges in about an hour, simple to use, and most important to increase the pulse with one finger.  But simplicity has a price, for me anyways.  While the flirty bullet is incredibly reasonable (29.99 and of course you can always get a discount with BreakingAway at checkout) and it just can’t quite find my clitoris from a non-aroused state.  I have to have it fully cranked to finish me off, with quite a firm hand on it’s placement.  Where as with my favourite toys, they have a strong protruding face or edge that can stimulate me with far less effort or concentration. 

Every single person is shaped differently, and for those with incredibly sensitive lady bits, this may be the answer.  The silicon feels almost silky on the skin.  And it is so compact, I would even feel safe travelling with it (and it is designed with a travel mode so it doesn’t easily go off in your luggage). But ultimately, this little beauty is always charged, and sitting in waiting until another toy lets me down with that terrifying slowdown of battery drainage.  It just cannot quite rise to my occasion on its own. 

Thank you for reading!  And yes, there is a sexy behind the scenes photo from my testing of this flirty bullet on my Patreon if you are wanting to see more!