Thank You

I would like to write a very heartfelt thank you to all of you out there who stop in from time to time to read my blog.  Oddly writing a thank you blog is harder than my normal writings, as I cannot possibly put into words just how sincerely grateful I am for the amazing support that I have found over this journey.  I am genuinely surprised by how many of my friends and family have come up to me and offered encouragement to continue with my passion.  I guess it’s true that once you find your passion people will support your endeavors. I also wanted to thank the posters who are taking the time to comment at the bottom or to send me e-mails or fb messages to discuss my topics further.  I just cannot express enough how touching this experience has been.  I want to also make a special note to the people who have challenged my opinions.  It shows that some of what I write may ignite others on an emotional level and that is simply amazing to me.

I promise to keep writing, and share my experiences with those who wish to read.  Thanks so much to everyone I know on a personal level, and to those that have become closer to me through this blog.  It astounds me that I have the readership I do.  So in keeping this short and sweet, have the courage to question everything until you find your own happiness as I do


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