Another Year of Blogging in the Books

My blog began over 2 years ago with My Blogging Reason, and thankfully readership is constantly increasing a I share my quest in Questioning Everything.  Relationships fascinate me, and as I watch human interaction shift from face to face, into the world of technology via text, social media, and the constant need to globalize communication, I am motivated to continue writing.  I live an open lifestyle, and my blog takes you along on my journey of human interaction, books, and social media.  I often look to history, archaeological and anthropological records to question why we are evolving away from human to human contact and what that may mean in the future.  I dichotomize that with my personal goal of meeting more people, loving more and bringing positivity wherever possible.

I understand and appreciate that many out there do not agree with my personal life choice.  Atheist, libertarian, non-monogamist, and general outside of the box thinker, I recognize there is a lot to disagree with.  I am open to criticism, challenging of ideas and of course just general discussions and variations to my opinions and viewpoints. In saying this, I am always amazed to hear that people who absolutely disagree with my beliefs continue to read and support me, and I thank and love you all for continuing to read and share my journey.

I do not know what year three will bring, or what new information I will dig up and discover about myself and the world around me.  I do know I would not be able to write without the constant support and feedback that I get, or the random words of encouragement to continue finding myself, and exploring relationship norms.  Life moves pretty quickly, so much so, I am nearly a month late in acknowledging my own 2 year blog-a-versary!

Thank you all for sticking with me this far!


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