Drinking and Foursomes

Sometimes I honestly believe that I am intelligent and have the capacity to learn and grow from my past mistakes.  And then a few weekends ago happened.  My first threesome I was blackout drunk and swore I would never get drunk and sex it up again, which you can read about here.  It was also my first time with a woman, so go figure that I can barely remember the experience.  My second threesome was amazing, and I was sober.  There were many factors that made it fantastic, but being sober definitely heightened all my sensations and just brought the experience to an amazing level.  But more importantly, I have strong, and vivid memories from that night.  So that threesome has

really lived on for me.

Comparing the two, sober me has much better sex with multiple partners than drunk me.  Now lets fast forward to newest weekend in question.  There are four of us who have begun to date.  After a bit of a rocky week, we all decided to slow things down and just have a night of dinner and dancing.  Perfect!  CAKE as I will refer to our little foursome henceforth (but more on that on a later post), were all equally excited to just enjoy each other’s company.

Knowing that we were just dancing and having fun, the shots came out.  Now I will say that the first shot was a result of trying to kick the night up a notch because two of our group had a curfew, the fact still remains that one simply cannot stop at one shot.  And we didn’t.  So here the four of us were, dancing, drinking and doing the occasional shot right up until the moment we realized that time was up.

Intelligent me, should have said, what an amazing night.  Said how excited I was that we really broke the ice and got in a cab to my house.  However drunk me did the complete opposite.  Oh yes, let’s have a nightcap at the other couples house and continue the party.  So CAKE all got in a cab and continued to party.

Now we have a situation where there is booze, four good looking people, and comfy couches and beds.  It is not a difficult stretch at this point to see what would happen when E took off my bra in front of the four of us. 

This post should have been about just how hot the night was.  It should have been about how amazing having a foursome really is, and how all the hard work leading up to it pays off.  And yet, here I am just missing parts of the night.  Things are fuzzy, and a little blurry at times.  I remember thinking that male or female a tongue is a tongue.  So that’s a cool thing.  But I am left wondering if that sentiment will be true sober.  I know a little booze would have been a nice touch for the foursome cherry to be popped.  But seriously drunk self!  Stop having multiple partners while drunk!!! The hangover and uncertainty in the morning are more than enough reason to never, NEVER do that again.  Sigh…

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