Vanilla Reality Check

Every so often I catch you thinking about yourself as this
passionate yet vanilla type person who aims to please those around you. It is
time to stop it, wake up and embrace who you have become on a more regular
basis. Don’t get me wrong, I know how far you have come. I know who you were,
what you have been through and milestones you have already crossed over like a
champ. But you are not owning who you are on a day to day basis.

I know that you thought to yourself, if I get more power and
confidence in my work place that will bring my life together in a beautiful
symphony, rich with harmony that you desire. And well, time is up. You have
attained what you needed at work. You have your validation. Your last hurdle
you set for yourself in the way of self improvement has been made. Now it is
time to leave the excuses outside. To embrace life, to enjoy who you are, with
your amazing partner.

The time to revert back to that vanilla mentality is over.
You are far from that monogamous wallflower that you were in your youth. You
have thoroughly enjoyed threesomes, experimented with a few foursomes and even
explored swinger club or two. These are not just notches on your belt. This is
who you are. The explorer. The pusher of boundaries, that only child who hates
the word no, and wants to explore that world full of yes with the confidence
that has been earned through hard work and self exploration.

Vanilla is not bad. It just isn’t who you are. Maybe it
never was, and you were living in fear. But you are not anymore. 2016 has come
with countless challenges and there are more on their way. You have come this
far, and you are not giving up. You are living. You are present. And you are
breaking those societal norms one item at a time. Because that is who you are.
It is who you enjoy being. And baby, you deserve it.


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