Why I Think Every Female Should Visit a Swing Club in Their Lifetime

E and I have been going to swing clubs for almost 4 years now.  And while I am no expert, by any means, I really enjoy the atmosphere and believe that there is something intrinsically awesome about them, especially for woman.  I have written a few posts about specific swing club experiences of mine, with a few sexy tales that you are welcome to read here, and here, but for this post let me keep it a little less of a narrative and more focused on a female endorsement.
The number one reason that woman should go to a swing club either alone or with a few girlfriends is that it is almost always free.  As a couple the cost is anywhere from 40 to 120 bucks depending on the theme or time of year.  But ladies, as the unicorn, you almost always get in free, with the exception of a membership cost at some clubs.  This offer is available for woman only, and is designed to encourage them to explore in a comfortable environment, or just generally make the place a little prettier.  Rarely are single guys allowed, if ever (check the clubs calendar for more information) and they always have to pay pretty much on par with what couples pay.  We attended one party where single men were allowed, but only in specific areas.
Aside from the cost savings for a night out, why ever would you want to go to a free sex/swinger club by yourself you might ask?  Simply, because they are a lot of fun.  Picture a club with non stop music, sometimes even live DJ’s, a dance floor and a bunch of awesome people all there for the sole purpose of having fun.  You can dance as sexy or flirty as you want, drink your own booze, and chat with everyone in the club, with absolutely no strings attached.
Did you read that correctly?  No strings attached?  But isn’t everyone there looking to have sex?  Wouldn’t it be a terribly invasive place for a single woman to go?  The reality is a little shocking and I had to go there a few times myself to really believe it.  But swing clubs are the most respectful club scene I have ever been to.  People are polite.  Men are always on their best behaviour.  And woman are flirty and sexy and awesome.  The biggest thing, is that no always means no.  But more than that, you are not in an atmosphere where you are required to say no 50 times in a night.  It’s laid back, relaxed and many people begin the night by just sitting on the couch and mingling.  Or it’s the typical house party vibe where you can have a few drinks around the kitchen area.  And there is a high percentage of people, I would say at least 50 percent in most cases, that are not actually at the swing club to get laid.  Ok, that statement is a little deceptive.  What I mean is, that many couples go to a party to meet new people or have a safe environment for a first meeting with a couple, dance, drink, or do whatever and then they leave and have sex on their own terms. 
Now of course there is sex going on, and you are perfectly within the norm to go and watch some live sex.  It’s flattering to the couples getting it on, and it can be a huge libido boost.  There are doors or curtains for privacy in some areas, or just open play areas usually a little away from the dance floor.  So you can have your fill of as much sexiness or as little as you are comfortable with.  And of course, there is that excitement in the taboo of watching people fuck or listening to the sounds of sex around you.  Or maybe that’s just me.  I digress.  But the point is, if you are uncomfortable at any time, for whatever reason, you can take a step back.  You can go grab yourself a drink, go dance again, or just chat on the couch with some very nice strangers.  There is no obligation or an expectation for anything, EVER.  But if you are feeling brave, frisky, or just super sexy, then go for it!  Free your inhibitions and have as much sexy fun as you can.
And did I mention that swing clubs always have a buffet?  This one is a little weird to me, however I have yet to be at a sex party that did not have counters full of food.  Although they are always BYOB, there is food a plenty.  So enjoy the grub, as we have encountered couples who come to swing parties for the food claiming they are the best buffets in the city (LA specifically).
If I had known what the atmosphere at swing clubs was like in my early 20’s I definitely would have grabbed my girl friend and gone to one.  I had the preconceived notion that they were dirty, 70’s shag carpeted, full of lurkers, and anonymous sex.  And while clubs like this still exist, the ones we attend are much more modern and you can always check out the website to ensure you are attending a place you are comfortable in.  The appeal of dancing, and flirting my heart out, without groping men, or uncomfortable lurking is my idea of club bliss.  No cover, great music, and a really positive vibe of happy, non-desperate people is right up my alley.  It’s an experience that has been very fulfilling and super fun for me.  And anything that amazing should be shared. 

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  1. Thank you. You're always interesting to read. Do you have some recommended clubs for beginners in Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto?

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