Update: Talking Publicly About Your Sex Life

Last week I wrote a little lament post with regards to publicly celebrating something that I love, and that is sex.  After writing that post a few incredibly amazing things happened.  The first, being a text from one of my lovelies to share a bit about her sex life and her asking about mine.  It was the middle of the afternoon, out of the blue and just fabulous.  It was a frank and quick update on our sex lives, and little reassurance if you will, that we all have sex and it is OK to text or talk about.  It is a subject that should be shame free, and I do believe that talking about it helps the sex positive movement.  And I believe a sex tolerant and accepting people are better, less stressed people on the whole.

The second were a few fabulous comments that I hope you all check out.  They were two very different takes on my post, and I just love the variation of my readers.  Truly amazing and I am proud that each and every one of you stop by for a few minutes to check out my stories.  Even the guy who did not realize that there was a blog with words behind the pictures!

Now the third exciting event that I know you have all been waiting for, is the outright sexy pictures and conversations that we were able to share with a fabulous couple that met a few weeks ago.  So rather than just bragging to the masses or sharing sexy pictures with strangers, the ante has been upped.  We are sharing intimate photos with a couple that shares back.  Our sex life has absolutely sky rocketed and the excitement of planning the next sexy tease, or meeting is beyond what thought was possible.

We have had struggled to find this level of chemistry or success with another couple, as four people is very complex.  But this has just been easy, confidence boosting, hot, and steamy.  So maybe, just maybe this is the answer I was looking for.  Finding those like minded people who share your passion for sex and creating your own community.  Not lamenting that there are many people who would rather not know the inner workings of a couple or are too afraid to admit they are even a little bit curious.  And just saying to hell with it, find your own friends who share your views or values, and go play with them.

So although I do wish that I could be free to update my sex milestones as those do with their cuisine or work outs I will take what I can get!  I will wholeheartedly enjoy the moments that I find myself in.  And the positive reactions that I get from writing and sharing my adventures, and ignoring all the outside chatter.

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