Body Image and Swing Clubs

In 2013, I wrote a little post called Comfortable Naked, and in it, I described how I am quite comfortable with my naked body and am very happy to strip in front of a camera.  Showing off is quite an exhilarating experience for me, and once those clothes are off, shyness is pretty much gone.  Now this is true in my home.  I will walk around topless, bottomless, whatever I feel at the moment without much hesitation other than to cover up the second I get chilly.  Now for a moment of hard truth, I am nervous and a little shy when I leave my house in sexy attire to go to the swing club.  And the reasons are due to a silly little myth that I was told as a teenager to keep my sexual attire in check.  I was told to never show off more than one sexy body part, or you would be labeled as a slut.  You can go out showing cleavage, booty, or a little midriff but never more than one at a time or you are looking for trouble. 
This little statement has dictated my attire my entire adult life, especially when I go out for a night on the town.  And let me tell you, breaking away from this to attend a swing club is damn right difficult!  I love the way my breasts look in a bra, despite how badly it hurts my back.  So when I go out, I want my boobs to look their absolute best.  And I know my butt is tiny, so I divert attention to my cleavage and my fairly flat tummy whenever possible.  These are intentional actions that have ruled my clothing purchases for over a decade.  But the dress code is turned upside down at a swingers club.  It is a whole different set of rules or rather lack there of.  It is a place of freedom, not myths and restrictions.  And this is where the opportunity to break yet another stigma comes into play.
The ladies I have seen at the swing club usually amaze me.  Woman ranging in age from early 20’s to late 50’s, and every shape and size have embraced their sexual freedom.  There has yet to be an outfit that I have cringed at.  Each woman dresses her sexiest and owns the look.  I admire these woman and look fondly at each for the expression of their courage and freedom.  And don’t misunderstand, I am dressed just as sexy and fully embrace the themes of the night, but often I feel like I am just faking it till I make it.  Well, until the clothes start coming off towards the middle of the night.  That I can own better than most.  Truth be told, the confidence these woman around me exude is contagious.  It’s not like you feel a competition to one up, more you want to feel that same freedom the woman around you do.  You want to strut and prance and wiggle your ass, let yourself be free. 
At the next party that we are attending, we are throwing caution to the wind, with a little theme called “Wear what you dare”.  It will be our most risqué outfits to date and I must say, I am growing devilishly excited about it.  No nervousness, just shear delight that I will be among the brave, sexy woman that I am growing to admire.  I will probably feel those butterflies just before we leave the house, and giggle a bit on the drive out there.  But I know, once I walk through that door and take off my coat, a sexual freedom will over take me.  Embrace the fear! Be bold, sexy, and free.  And perhaps I will even show off the costume in a future post!

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