An Inquisitive Guy Asks Me About Open Relationships

Or An Open Relationship Conversation in the Real World and How I Wish This Happened More Often.


I know there is a lot of curiosity about open relationships.  I wanted to share one of the more positive inquiries that I recently had online with a gentleman who truly wanted nothing to do with non-monogamy, but asked great questions and made me feel like an educator rather than a sex object.  I wanted to edit it, and add some flavour or explanation, but in the end I have decided to leave this as the actual organic conversation.  Thank you kind stranger for being open enough to ask rather than judge.

Q1 – I feel like we’re all programmed since birth that monogamy is the only – gamy…besides being around others who have broken away from that, how are you able to make it work when the convention fights against it so hard?

A1 – I broke away by blogging.  By adding a voice in my struggles to understand a new way of thinking because I fell in love with the man before the relationship.

Q2- Isn’t there a scare for either partner that the relationship might end because of intimate experiences with new people? Or is that just the brainwashing speaking?

A2 – There’s no fear anymore because we have a solid foundation.  If a relationship is doomed sex with other people doesn’t change that.  A relationship is more than sex… and we have personal relationships with our family and best friends.  So, we are capable of loving more than one.

Q3 – I guess reworking the paradigm of jealousy might be important?

A3 – Sometimes my dog gets jealous of me playing with other dogs.  Other times he just wags his tail and brings me his favorite toy.  I don’t speak puppy but I love him even when he has unexplained jealousy.  Its part of life and you accept the moments and love the people for being human :0

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