Seeing Your Friends Naked?

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One of the tenants of the swinger lifestyle is that you don’t make friends swingers, you make swingers friends.  While I don’t of course agree with rules such as these, it is does lead itself into an interesting discussion that I have over the years, and now that I am little less shy sharing my blog with friends the frequency is increasing.  There are a growing number of people who have concerns with how to act around me after they have seen me naked.  If you don’t already know, I used to put a lot of naked photos on my blog (which are still up if you want to do some digging), and now I have a Patreon page for those more “titillating” photos that helps fund my writing and future endeavours.  While I would love to have people on the lower tiers, simply supporting my work, the reality is, I have pretty much all my support on the top two tiers which ranges from pg13 to R rated content. But they are exclusively strangers, which begs the question, can you handle seeing your friends naked?

Now, here is the thing.  I am open.  I live my life as I see fit, with an open relationship, combined with the openness of my sexuality, and freedom of expression.  I choose what goes out into the world and I love what I do.  However, when people that I work with, socialize with, or even just have mutual acquaintances with find my blog or photos I ultimately will receive some pretty interesting messages (which makes me wonder all the things I don’t hear).  The common theme is that they don’t want me to feel uncomfortable with them looking at me, or knowing what I look like without my clothes on.

I could play Freud here, and psycho analyze what this really says about them, etc, but I am not going to do that.  Instead, I am going to speak to the peculiarity of the situation this puts me in.  I create public content and I have it available to everyone.  So to me, that pretty much states that I am fine with anyone in my network or outside of it consuming the content within.  In fact, it is beyond flattering and so very appreciated that my loved ones would actually put a little money into my pocket or a tip here and there.  But with these initial messages, I find myself in a place where I can either try and sell the work, coerce people to look, share, support, or whatnot but often I feel it’s only appropriate to talk them out of looking at it.  No, I don’t mean in a reverse psychology sort of way either.
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Why do I talk them out of it sometimes?  Because our society, as a whole, doesn’t seem ready to embrace nudity.  We directly correlate the nude body with sex, and then that intertwines feelings that are much more primal than our day to day interaction with peers allows.  Can I see a male naked and then talk to them like a normal human being the next day?  Sometimes yes, sometimes I will blush a little first, and then be able to chat with them.  There is nothing inherently wrong with that, but I understand how it could be uncomfortable for some, or just too far outside of their comfort zone to come to terms with.  And look at that, I tried not to analyze, yet here we are.  It’s a puzzling conundrum and one that I totally empathize with.  If you’re not able to separate nudity from sex, that is totally cool.  I was raised with open nudity in my household and it just feels really natural to walk around naked, but I realize that is not the norm, and I would never want to force my content on anyone. 

But to those who worry I might feel weird or judge the people who take a look please know this, my content is out there.  Embrace it.  Enjoy it.  We are adults and I love what I do.  I enjoy getting feedback (in a sex positive manor mind you, not an objectifying creepy way), and I love that I have received such gracious support from so many of you.  So, ask yourself this, would seeing me naked change our friendship in anyway for you?  And if so, why would that be?  And if you’re brave, I would love to read the conclusions you come up with!

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4 thoughts on “Seeing Your Friends Naked?”

  1. Great post. Living in Germany really helped me make the transition from naked=sexy to naked =naked ?

    Swimming naked in the summers, saunas in the winter, sex clubs all year long… I had naked first dates, laid naked (and touching) in hot steam rooms with BFFs, watched BDSM scenes (ok so THAT was sexy! LOL) and totally went out for coffee the next day without ever being awkward about the nakedness.

    Even just having a Rule at my partner’s place “everyone is naked” meant normalizing being naked even when we weren’t in the middle of “sexy times.” We cooked, ate dinner, watched TV, and generally hung out – naked.

    I wish it was more normal everywhere. I think there could be a lot less trauma for a lot of people if naked was simply naked and not always sexy.

    1. A naked first date? Now that sounds like a story that I very much hope you have already written or are going to! Your last line is on point, naked can just be what it is (to paraphrase) and doesn’t have to be a big deal. I for one, am quite comfortable naked and don’t mind showing off. It does not change the friendship or relationship in any way shape or form. “simply naked”

  2. This was very much interesting.

    I’ve definitely had some relationships where– us tlking about being nude together was more comfortable and fun than actually being nude together.. and some where being nude together was the start of interesting things.

    I think, that the ability to be nude together can be so many different things- but it’s largely about consent an both being on the same page- b/c different times being nude together certainly will mean different things

    1. It’s a fine line, and always crosses over into intent of the nudity which is on point with your ending point. Some people love to be nude, others love being naked because it’s easier to get to sexy times! haha!

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