In My 30’s and Proud

I was talking to my best friend the other day about our birthdays, and welcomed her to the 30’s club.  And while doing so, she spoke about being very excited about joining the 3-0 club, saying how she felt sexier, and more confident now that she was taking care of her body than she did […]

Miscarriage: My Poetic Rant

Questions Without Answers It is not your fault May I repeat it is not your fault But what about the hot bath I took? Or the beer I had before I knew I was pregnant? No, it is not your fault But what about the sex, or using my vibrator, could that be to blame? There […]

Breaking Away: My Next Chapter

Love, Sex, and What Comes Next There are so many things that society, or family dictate that you must keep a secret.  Your sex life for example, shall never be shared publicly.  So of course, I created a blog to explore and to ultimately better understand my last non-monogamous relationship.  It began as questions, and […]

One Less Stampede Slut: My Little Reflection

I woke up this morning to a notification from Google that one of my pages was skyrocketing, and I smiled. It was one of those knowing smiles, filled with reflection, and appreciation for almost everything that has brought me to this point, a place whereby I love who I am. And I realized, perhaps for […]

38 My Year of the Flamingo

Getting my shit together has been hard work. And in the last year of my life, I pushed through some really difficult things, including budgeting, accepting singledom (and the fact that this time around ghosting is everywhere), and basically forcing myself into a new writing routine. With all that said, my 38th year, I am […]