Shark Week and My Favorite Product (affiliate links inside)

As I am placing my own order for Softcups (on I realized that I never actually shared with my dear readers the product that so amazingly improved my sex life during that dreaded time of the month.  And as I am not a selfish person and have often been accused of oversharing, I figured that this would not only keep in line with that, but also share the little secret to my ability to have sex, pretty much whenever I choose to.  So without further ado, let me introduce you to Soft Cups.  Firstly, I should mention that I love them to pieces and yes, if you click the link and add it to your shopping cart you will be helping both of us out which is a win/win.  And no, I am not being paid directly to sponsor them I just share products I love from time to time.

I started using soft cups about 3 years ago.  And I will be quite honest, I initially bought them because I was just damn tired of tampons.  There was a lot of hype going around regarding diva cups, and I wanted to learn more as I tend not to rush into new things especially when it involves entering my body.  Upon reading a bunch of new products in the market, I found something that totally intrigued me, Soft cups.  These stood out because they claimed that you could have sex while wearing them.  And well, how could I not race out to try them?

For you see, that has always been a great difficulty for me sexually.  I want complete control over my body, even during that time of the month.  And spontaneous sex is just not always possible during the messy time and that puts limits on my sex life.  Carrying around products like No More Wet Spots Blanket (which has a really sexy banner on my website) is practical and opposite to the whole spontaneity that I crave.  Rolling up to a party with super sexy, post sex hair and that healthy glow is incredible and I want that whether or not I am on shark week.  So I bought my first box and then let it sit on bathroom floor for 3 cycles while I mustered the courage to stick one in the first time (I told you I don’t race into these things).
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And let me tell you, the very first time, was a total mindfuck for me.  I followed the instructions to a T and at hour 12 when it came time to switch it out (did I mention that you get to wear it for 12 hours??? So amazing) I won’t even lie, it got stuck.  Well, not stuck per se, but there is definitely a trick to breaking the seal on it.  It sits right below your cervix so the seal is amazing and offers very minimal leakage but as I said, there is a bit of learning curve with getting it out.  But my goodness once that curve is over come it is a game changer.  I do not feel it at all during the day.  I can have sex whenever I want, and being so active in the summers, it is a dream to use, especially when camping.  Only having to use a real washroom in the morning and evening is completely do able, whereas with tampons, it is an every time you pee ordeal.  And let’s not even mention pads during the hiking/camping season, ugh!

Whenever I have sex with new people, I always tell them I am wearing one, because there is still the chance of leakage, and there are few positions that my partner can feel it.  But over all, it has been a resounding success and a remarkable improvement to me holding more power over my own body and sexual needs.   So, I would highly recommend you giving them a try if you are ready for a change.

Now if only we could do something about this whole bra thing…

Shark Week

Perhaps this is one of those unwritten rules that we as women know about but don’t talk about.  Or perhaps it is something that we pretend doesn’t impact how we deal with our day to day life, or maybe there are more of you like me who just honestly didn’t recognize just how much shark week or even the few days prior to really affect how you interact with your partners.  Of course I very often share far too much, especially if I am in person and have a glass of wine or two, but let me go down this road anyways.  I have figured out a pattern that it took me to be single to really hone in on.  That pattern is this; I am confident, self assured, and feeling sexy for approximately 3 weeks out of the month.  Then BAM!  4 -5 days prior to my period I get feelings of insecurity, I tear up more easily and I have zero interest in meeting new people.  I have to force myself to be a social butterfly, and I tend to reminisce on past people in my life.  I fantasize more about men I already know and put ourselves into situations (in my mind only) where things would work out in a more long term future base.  Then I get my period and 2 or 3 days later I am back to my confident and happy self.
I have read a few books as of late; specifically Sex at Dawn, and A Billion Wicked Thoughts, that from a male’s perspective touch a bit on how intrinsically a female is more selective in her mates when she is ovulating.  That I woman will actually increase sperm competition as well, at an almost sub conscious during this time in her cycle and will be more apt to cheat or seek a mate that has physical traits that she wants versus the nurturing gene of her current partner.  This I have read, and I recognize it, but always from a male perspective.  And the truth is, although I see the signs, I guess I just never put much thought into any other part of a females cycle.  That is until the stability of having a partner was gone and I was left alone with my thoughts, and for what it is worth, my body.
I, for some reason or another like to think of myself as logical and independent.  I often kid myself that I am above crying or having a hormonal response to situations in my life.  There are current studies that are being done to test that some women actually have an elevated testosterone level that increases their drive towards competition and thus they are better designed for the business world.  I naturally have assumed for years that I am just one of these women.  That I do not have these so called uncontrollable feelings, and I have put a lot on the back burner as a result.  I am very sad to admit that I may have a few days each month where my logical side goes out the window.
I have a tendency to be more clingy, to be less confident, and less willing to stand on my own two feet for about 5 to 6 days every month.  Looking back it makes the most perfect sense in terms of avoiding risks especially.  If I had been more aware of these issues  (I use the word issue incredibly loosely), I think I would have been better able to predict arguments or times in a relationship that I would be less equipped to handle new or unknown situations.  However, being that I am stubborn and fought my own hormones I had absolutely no idea.  Funny the things that you learn about yourself when you are alone.  Based on this new knowledge though, I have a bit more sympathy for men who are trying to date women.  In general do woman really know this about themselves?  Are most of us ladies able to predict or to anticipate these hormonal changes prior to and surrounding our shark week?  I used to have a co-worker who would track on a calendar whenever his mostly female workplace were menstruating, I will admit that I think that was one very wise man.