Deserving VS Getting

Sometimes hearing that one deserve the best in life is that most painful thing in the world.  If in fact it is true that one deserves the best, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that a person should have already achieved the best or be working to maintain the best.  Further, on what grounds do … Continue reading “Deserving VS Getting”

Thank You

I would like to write a very heartfelt thank you to all of you out there who stop in from time to time to read my blog.  Oddly writing a thank you blog is harder than my normal writings, as I cannot possibly put into words just how sincerely grateful I am for the amazing … Continue reading “Thank You”

Sex is Just Sex?

Sex is a subject that bears with it great emotion.  I know that statement goes without saying but I thought it was worth stating.  I have a lot of emotion attached with sex and have often found that the height of my need to say loving words is during this intimate event.  Afterwards though I … Continue reading “Sex is Just Sex?”

Just Live

“There is something infantile in the presumption that somebody else has a responsibility to give your life meaning and point… The truly adult view, by contrast, is that our life is as meaningful, as full and as wonderful as we choose to make it.” Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion)  Although this quote was written directly … Continue reading “Just Live”