One key trait that I strive for everyday is to ensure that I do not live with regret. I stand by my actions good or bad.  If there have been cruel or intentional acts of malice, and there have been many throughout my childhood and teenage years all I can say is I have learned many things from them.  It is very interesting how people react to negativity and further what it teaches you with regards to your own reactions or in many cases how not to react.  I personally have very limited foresight and find myself constantly in situations that I call my lessons learned.  The one balance is that I do learn from my mistakes and peoples reactions to them.  It is very rare that I will err more than once in any situation.

In saying that though, I find myself replaying a situation with many similarities but with a completely different man than I was used to for so many years.  Unfortunately I tried a new tactic to avoid ending up with him angry and me hurt, but ended in the same result…alone and not by my decision. Dealing with the opposite sex is tricky business and it is so easy to forget and let your guard down.  The seduction can never end or become stagnant.  I chalk this up to a life lesson and I should have known better, but here I am learning yet again.  Trying to ensure that the next man or perhaps a second chance with the same man will yield much happier results.

Not allowing myself the luxury of regret or feeling sorry for myself may seem arrogant to some people, but truly there is not an ounce of it.  Things have happened in my past that could have sent me into deep depression if I allowed them to become a real part of me.  Things that hurt others I try not to repeat, which of course allows for whole new ways to hurt in some cases, but that is my life and my outlook on it.  It is amazing the ability each of us has to internalize a situation, grow and make alterations for the future.  A life does not have to be one of repeated mistakes, as that is how we can too quickly dig holes and end up in hopelessness.

All I can say is I am sure people out there believe that I should regret certain decisions, but they are mine to make.  They are also mine to make again or to learn from, to be the person that I want to look back on fondly and have my grandchildren respect in even the smallest of ways.


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My Blogging Reason

My Non-monogamous Blog Begins

Typically I have been told that blogs should start at the beginning, however I think it’s more beneficial for me to start right at the point that kept me up last night thinking about writing this down.  I was either dumped last night or given a 2 week no contact by my boyfriend of almost a year. I showed emotion and perhaps jealousy over a chick that he has been fooling around with.  It is unattractive to display these qualities and I have been bogging him down with this anger and moodiness steadily, for over a month.

Now for a little back story, I do not believe in monogamy.  We are in an open relationship or were as it might be in a few weeks.  In my experience everyone cheats at some point in some way (emotionally, physically or both), and feelings get hurt, marriages end, etc.  So the research started, and the idea that animals and monkeys especially, are monogamous is nothing more than a myth.  My culture, being Canadian, lives repressed, with a real fear of judgment, constantly fighting our natural tendencies.  A great book to read on this is “Sex at Dawn” by Christopher Ryan.

So this is the point at which I start writing.  I will go more into the research I have done, both in real life relationships and in printed word. As well, I will give more back story on myself, explaining how I have ended up at the life conclusions that I have.  Either way, I hope this can be a resource for at least one person who is struggling with thoughts of cheating or has recently been cheated on.  We are human and sex is a lot of fun, and we all have a blogging reason.

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