38 My Year of the Flamingo

Year of the Flamingo

Getting my shit together has been hard work. And in the last year of my life, I pushed through some really difficult things, including budgeting, accepting singledom (and the fact that this time around ghosting is everywhere), and basically forcing myself into a new writing routine. With all that said, my 38th year, I am dubbing the year of the flamingo.  Which I love because it is the most unique, awkward, and interesting creature, thus my spirit animal. Embracing my inner flamingo has been an experience, and while I am not claiming to be an expert on this majestic bird, I do share a lot of traits with it. Or maybe I don’t, and just love the look of them. Either way, it’s fine.

As a very young child, I remember spending hours standing in my grandmother’s kitchen posing like a flamingo. I have no idea where this behavior came from, or for how many years I would do this.  What I do know is that the memory makes me smile, recalling me in my youth, just balancing in a way that made me happy. Zero flocks given!  Haha.

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Now, more than ever, I need that mentality to run through me. I have written a few posts, some shared, some not published yet about embracing that I feel better with a partner.  With a man in my life, I can take over the world, but alone, I only feel this about half the time, or sometimes less. Sure, I get confident bursts and moments, but then I get lonely and recall that I am missing intimacy.  The thoughts of inadequacy, or being too overwhelming for certain people, or that nagging voice that says I expect too much.  There we go, that brings on the tears.  I don’t want to be that intimidating person. Instead, I want to be warm and fuzzy, and yet… I am that flamingo.  Standing alone, in a group of thousands. That’s me.  Bold, pink, and largely mysterious.

I want to be less mysterious to a few souls this 38th year of life, but, who knows what the world actually has in store for me.  While embracing my own emotions has been rewarding, and calling emotions valid has helped, I do truly want partnership.  I hope though that love will appear a few times this year, and maybe not end in heartache? Perhaps? Maybe… pretty please universe?

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Sex Positive – 30 Day Challenge


Do you consider yourself to be a sex positive individual?  Have you ever used the term, or given thought to what that really means?  Are you curious about how embracing a sex positive attitude can enhance your life?  Or, are you just bored and ready for a challenge?  If you answered yes, then I invite you to participate in this sex positive 30 day challenge. 

What is the Sex Positive Challenge?

For the month of May (2020), I will be posting daily challenges with one common theme, being sex positive.  Some challenges will take a few seconds, while others will take a bit longer.  There are no score cards, or points awarded, as this is a personal journey.  We all come from different backgrounds and have unique experiences when it comes to sex and pleasure, so with that in mind, I have designed each day to be as inclusive as possible.  Whatever your orientation, or relationship status, you will be able to participate in some way, every day.

How Do I Participate?

I will posting a daily task via Twitter (@booksSex) and Instagram (Beerlover_Boobowner).  I will be completing each task on my personal twitter account (@k_ghislaine) so you can see a daily example if you need.  Feel free to post photos, videos, type something out, or just like and share with your friends.   How you choose to participate is entirely up to you.  And yes, some will be very personal, and you may want to do privately rather than publicly (especially the weekly self love activities).  Whatever you choose, I truly hope you have fun, and have a few days that challenge you to think differently or pat yourself on the back for embracing what it truly means to live as a sex positive individual. 

If you do decide to post anything on social media please use #sexpositive30days so anyone participating can easily find your posts!

And while we gear up for May 1st, and the start of the #SexPositive30Days, let us all Check-In!  How are you doing?

Side Note

The goal of this challenge is to be fun, educational, and continue to grow and expand the sex positive community with ethical and incredible humans. If you are enjoying this, and want to participate in future activities please consider liking, sharing, and if you feel so inclined check out my Patreon.  I have a created a tier where you can drop in, leave a small tip, and maybe see a few bonus entries.  Don’t forget, the success of this challenge is completely in your hands! 

Thank you all!  And good luck!

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