My Blogging Reason

My Non-monogamous Blog Begins

Typically I have been told that blogs should start at the beginning, however I think it’s more beneficial for me to start right at the point that kept me up last night thinking about writing this down.  I was either dumped last night or given a 2 week no contact by my boyfriend of almost a year. I showed emotion and perhaps jealousy over a chick that he has been fooling around with.  It is unattractive to display these qualities and I have been bogging him down with this anger and moodiness steadily, for over a month.

Now for a little back story, I do not believe in monogamy.  We are in an open relationship or were as it might be in a few weeks.  In my experience everyone cheats at some point in some way (emotionally, physically or both), and feelings get hurt, marriages end, etc.  So the research started, and the idea that animals and monkeys especially, are monogamous is nothing more than a myth.  My culture, being Canadian, lives repressed, with a real fear of judgment, constantly fighting our natural tendencies.  A great book to read on this is “Sex at Dawn” by Christopher Ryan.

So this is the point at which I start writing.  I will go more into the research I have done, both in real life relationships and in printed word. As well, I will give more back story on myself, explaining how I have ended up at the life conclusions that I have.  Either way, I hope this can be a resource for at least one person who is struggling with thoughts of cheating or has recently been cheated on.  We are human and sex is a lot of fun, and we all have a blogging reason.

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